Analog/digital hybridation


The SuPi8 is a digital camera ... but built inside a Super8 camera. More precisely, it is a digital sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi, stuck inside a 8mm or Super8 camera.

A kind of tutorial here (with real SuPi8 images!)

The idea is to develop a small amateur camera which is cheap, easy to adapt, and which consumes little energy because it does not have a monitor. Instead we use the optical viewer of the analogue camera.

The project is workshop-based, i.e. it moves forward each time people gather to discover the thing and work on it. Participants are asked to bring their own parts (broken super 8 camera, electronics).

You can contact Maxime if you'd like to organize the next workshop => maxime [at] collectifs {dot} net


Wiki is coming soon !

Meanwhile, you can read this pad (in French) that contains almost everything we've done so far.